Thursday, March 10, 2016

Looking Forward - Let What has Past Be

"Being positive attracts more positive. Once you get some momentum you need to keep it going by focusing on how great it is that you had a win or that something is going well. There is great value in realizing that there is no reason to drive backwards toward something that you don't want. It's time for most of us to rip out the rearview mirror and only look through thru the windshield and look forward at what we want - at what feels good! ~ MJ Durkin

I am a big fan of focusing on your here and now as well as laying out your path forward.  The past is nothing but the experiences of the time we have spent on this planet so far.  It is not a predictor of our future, it does not suggest who we can become.  Our potential is ours each and every day to apply, to use, to extend, to reach forward.  Our past only defines who we have been, if we have made bad decisions, if we have made mistakes, if he have had 'bad things' happen it is within us to learn from those things, find the life lesson and then leverage it to make our life of Today and Tomorrow something to be cherished and celebrated.

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