Thursday, February 11, 2016

Have you Ever Quit?

 "Have you ever felt like quitting? Have you actually quit or gone into the Fitness Witness Protection Program? I'm going to give you permission to "re-start" your fitness journey with a new formula:

1. Stop beating yourself up. Feeling bad about yourself is one sure-fire way to stop abundance from flowing to you and to stop making forward progress on your fitness journey! Do you think you are the only one that ever stopped eating your best and working out, letting your fitness lag? Do you think you are the only person who ever broke a promise to themselves! Come on, get over yourself! Relax, give yourself a break!

2. Make a promise to yourself and keep it. Even if it's a small one. When you make a promise and fulfill it you'll feel good about yourself and feeling good changes your point of attraction - to a positive one!  

3. When you fulfill the small promise to yourself use the good feeling to create some momentum. Promise yourself that you'll take the actions today needed to achieve your goals. Make wise choices when it comes to the food you eat, get your 30-minute workout in, make sure you are getting enough sleep and take some time to reflect on how great you will feel in 30-days by making small positive decisions every day. 

Our focus is on your goals and getting you results.  Some of you just need to get something started, and it is OK to restart your fitness journey at any time!  But nothing beats right now :)

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